CiC-Training (Anti Bias I) in April 2012


CiC-Training (Intergenerational Learning) in March 2012


CiC-Training (Transcultural Learning) in May 2010

It finally happened: the first CiC training seminar was held in Kreisau in May 2010. A total of 26 young people – from Germany, Poland, Romania, Turkey and Slovakia – who are active in the area of international youth work met to discuss the options for dealing with the issue of culture in the framework of national and international youth projects. Some of the participants came from associations representing an ethnic minority in their native countries.

Therefore, how to deal with a variety of cultural backgrounds was as much a part of the issue as the term ‘culture’ itself or the question of how to actively resist discrimination in conjunction with culture. As part of a workshop on the subject of EU fundraising, the participants were given the tools required for implementing international projects so they could do it themselves.

All of the participants found the diversity of the attending people and institutions very valuable. One of the consequences of this was that the “Who is Here?!?” agenda point – during which organisations introduced themselves – continued on until way past 10 p.m., taking 3 1/2 hours instead of the 2 hours planned. Of course many ideas for new, joint international projects emerged during the seminar.

During the training seminar, it became particularly obvious that it pays to look beyond your own, national horizon and that many interesting differences and similarities can be found. For example, it was interesting to learn how the general conditions of the national legislation regarding minorities are different in Germany and Romania. Serdar Y. from the German-Turkish Academic Forum and Ianina H. from the Polish Alliance in Romania explained this as part of their presentations.

The participants also had a lot of fun and they were well taken care of: at the closing meal in Schweidnitz, all of the participants agreed that it had paid to come to Kreisau.


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