Cultures in Contact

transcultural training seminars in Krzyżowa (Poland)

Background of the project

Kreisau-Initiative Berlin e.V. and the Krzyżowa Foundation for mutual understanding are cooperating for years in the field of international youth exchange. One of our most improtant aims is to foster intercultural dialogue between Germany and Poland as well as in Germany and Poland. Since 2005, we started to develpop several projects for transcultural exchange via youth meetings, which are taking part in Krzyżowa (Poland).

During our work we regognized the high potential of an even-handed transcultural dialogue between people with different backgrounds as well as the benefits of transcultural learning for young people. That convinced us to proceed with our work to be able to react on the demographic change in European Societies. The world today is more global than ever before. We are aiming to give everybody the possibility to internationalize their lifes.

The training seminars

Our transcultural training seminars are taking part in the international youth meeting centre in Krzyżowa / Poland several times a year. The target group of those seminars are young people with different cultural backgrounds whishing to develop their transcultural skills just for themselves or in the context of their working specialization. So we attract pupils, students and youth workers as well as people from migrant or youth organizations from all over Europe.

Every seminar will be adjusted to one of those target groups in order to optimize the learning effects. We are working with the transcultural approach, using methods which are based on individual experience and reflection. We are aiming to conect our seminars with cultural practice, in order to reach maximum effects. Our team of internationel trainers is caring for optimal settings and productive learning process.