Project background

Mobility is one of the key words in the society of today. On the one hand mobility means freedom: to be on the move, to travel, to discover new places, to get to know new people. On the other hand however it is a duty, a challenge of today’s professional world for young generation. Those who search for their dream job, must be ready to leave their familiar places and look for their professional  self-fulfillment in other cities, countries or continents.

Mobility seems to reflect the spirit of our times. It seems to be omnipresent. Yet is mobility in fact the reality of everyone?  Is it not rather a privilege of some people, whereas the majority is actually excluded from it?  How can one see mobility as a chance? How can mobility in form of a training abroad, a voluntary service or a youth exchange become reality for everyone, that is also for these young people, whose access to international mobility offers is limited? And even more: how can one convince those excluded that the international youth seminars, training programs or voluntary services abroad are also accessible for them.

„Fit for mobility“ is a series of training, exchange and meeting events that deal with the issue of mobility. Through participating in the project also those who live a rather “static” life should be given a chance to participate in mobility. Thus various socially disadvantaged groups are invited to participate in the project, in order to meet people from different countries, discuss different perception of mobility and participate in a workshops on empowerment and inter-cultural competence.