During „Fit for Mobility“ 32 young Poles, Germans, Czechs and Romanians from SOS Children's Villages and Children's Homes dealt with chances that mobility gives to young people today and at the same time learned how to take part in mobility.

During the project they participated in discussions, workshops and trainings and by doing so they discovered ways that make them a part of inter-cultural society. At the same time they learned to be active and take the initiative not only in the context of their own lives but also of their local community.

The main aim of the project was on the one hand to show young people with fewer chances that also they can participate in mobility and on the other hand to encourage them to become active in their local community, which would improve their chances in private and professional life.

Through meeting with people from other countries they had a chance to create an international network and by doing so to become a part of the international community. At the same time they became disseminators of the mobility idea and role models for other young people from their community.

The training consisted of the following units:

1.      Empowerment training

2.      Workshops on various meanings of mobility

3.      Workshops on concrete possibilities of participating in international exchange

4.      Activities on inter-cultural learning

5.      Discussions on mobility

The participants worked in international groups together. They were accompanied by interpreters during their work so that communication could function smoothly.

At the end of the project all the participants received a Youthpass which is a Europe wide renowned certificate.