Kreisau Initiative Berlin e.V. was founded in in 1990. Its mission is to support the Krzyżowa Foundation for Mutual Understanding in Europe in Poland ideally and materially, while also being the German contact office to the Polish Foundation. Through its projects, the Kreisau-Initiative aims to bring youths from all over Europe and other parts of the world together in order to foster dialogue and inter-cultural communication. Other objectives of the organisation include building up a European platform for exchange of knowledge and improvement of understanding of the functions and politics of EU institutions, while spreading EU values and goals, stimulating active youth participation in civil society projects and engagement in political decision-making processes and creating networks between schools, academia, governmental and non-governmental organizations and EU-institutions.

The Krzyżowa Foundation for Mutual Understanding in Europe initiates and promotes activities that develop peaceful relationships between nations, social groups, and individuals. The Foundation applies social concepts developed by the World War II German resistance group, the Kreisau Circle, by advancing European mutual understanding.

The Foundation runs four main programs: The International Youth Meeting Centre, The Historic Site, The European Academy, and The Conference Centre. The Foundation has the goal of establishing an ecological farming project.

The work of the International Youth Meeting Centre (IYMC) is at the heart of the foundation's activities. The IYMC organizes programmes and seminars for young people from Eastern and Western Europe throughout the year. The programmes address a broad palette of topics: Europe, multi-cultural art, the environment, history of resistance against totalitarian systems, and intergenerational encounters. Working together in these projects makes it possible for participants to replace nationalistic and cultural stereotypes with curiosity, trust, acceptance, and willingness to engage in dialogue.

The basic concept that guides I&EYE (Israeli & European Youth Exchanges) is the assumption that becoming familiar with a mosaics of people and cultures around the world assists in structuring the foundation of common values leading to mutual respect and better understanding. The opportunity to open up to the wide world enables teenagers and young adults to become part of the family of nations. These exchanges offer the opportunity to relate, experience and learn tolerance, to fight any form of racism, an awareness of the importance of democracy and human rights, and fosters friendly relations between future generations. The exchange projects operate on the basis of reciprocity, dialogue and home hospitality. The exchange participants include high-school students and young adults up to the age of 26. I&EYE association (NGO), with its staff of volunteers, has carried out numerous bi-lateral exchanges. Participated in Euro-Med projects in the EU and has initiated and carried out Euro-Med programs in Israel.

Association of Civil Society and Development Institute (ACSDI)

The aim of the institute is to develop civil society, social, cultural and economic values, to increase and develop social and regional progress and encourage. Furthermore ACSDI works on increasing the communication and complement with European Union.