The overall results we were striving for:

  • Empowerment of young people to civil engagement for the sake of tolerant and peaceful co-existence of people of different cultures, origins and religions
  • Training for role models disseminating information on positive aspects of migration for both sending and receiving societies
  • Raising activity within local communities in participating countries
  • Creating a network for multicultural co-operation among local communities and individuals wishing to promote peace-building and tolerance for diversity attitudes
  • Showing the potential of international youth meetings for fostering activism of young people for the sake of peaceful co-existence of people in the Euro-Mediterranean Region
  • Promotion of peace, tolerance, inclusion and understanding for diversity.

Did we manage to reach fulfil what we aimed at?
Well – only a long term analysis of participants’ future professional lives will deliver a true answer.
However we can already now be sure that MIGRATION-CULTURE-IDENTITY changed views and perspectives of both participants and organizers. It was an extremely enriching experience during which we all learned that behind every group, every community and every nation there are individuals who are all different and yet in whom we can find a part of ourselves.

Here a few quotations on the transnational seminar:

I saw how important is our identity - But the existence in an homogenous
environment sometimes prevents people from discovering what nationality or being religious
exactly means, - for instance. Building an identity is a process of dialog, which is a dialog
among people as well as a dialog which takes place within us.

We mostly learnt, by discussing, experiencing, sharing our feelings, listening and participating. I did not feel that anything was imposed on me.

Due to the high intensity and high intellectual complexity of the seminar’s components the participants were encouraged to critically challenge own perceptions on the above mentioned issues, to think in new ways

and to change existing perspectives. At the same time the seminar’s set up let the participants enough space to develop own and unique answers to the given challenges.

I was especially impressed how all the different parts of the seminar fit perfectly together and increased both the intensity and level of the discussion. If I was to design a seminar, I would always take this seminar as a model.

The most important think I took from this seminar was the acceptance I have now toward other people opinions and their different point of view. I have learned to listen and to open up to other perspectives from people that don't have the same background that I have. This was definitely the most fascinating and enriching experience I have ever had.

During all the debates and more and less formal conversations we have had together, I’m sure we have had a chance to influence our points of view and ideas of one each other. What was very important for me was the fact that each conversation had a huge input on me and made me think a lot about many different problems. It also forced me many times to put some effort to understand better every singles’ person point of view and therefore become more empathic.


The implementation of Micro-projects developed during the seminar and  revised by local reality was successful. All in all the following projects took place:

1. Identity workshop for Roma and Polish children in Wroclaw (see pictures in the right line).
2. "My Story" personal perspective for migration in Eskishehir (see pictures in the right line).
3. Trafficing and human rights in Berlin.
4. Network meeting for migrant bloggers in Berlin.
5. Bilingual identities in Krzyzowa near Wroclaw.
6. Culture and Identity Workshop in Holon.
7. Who are you? Identity workshop in Langenfeld.