“My Story” Personal Perspective for Migration

The goal of the project is to announce different immigration stories.  This project is planned to compose an interview with the different concepts of the migrants stories.  The project team who will make some interviews in different cities, (concerning the target group) make an album – handbook -that will be published and will be screened  at the final event and also as be available online on the project’s website .

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Workshop in Holon

The Project: Respect the others, accept the other and get to know them took place in June.

The aim was to get to know and understand that not everyone sees the same things I do. Appearance is appearance, but do not stay at that level, try to get to know the person and include them in the social groups and activities. People want to be part not stay alone and be left as outsiders.

We did the project at the high school where we were students. The class was compulsory, boys and girls, 15 yeas old and from different backgrounds: Europe, Asia, Africa – all Jewish.


·        It was a good exercise for us and for them

·        We should have limited it to 1-2 activities top

·        We needed more time

·        We are considering doing another workshop


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Roma children in Wroclaw

Workshop on identity for children in Wroclaw.
Some impressions and info in Polish:http://nomada.info.pl/index.php/mikroprojekt-migracja-kultura-tozsamosc/

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Interesting links

Here some interesting links on projects dealing with migration:

Theatre project: http://www.boatpeopleprojekt.de/stuecke/lampedusa.html

Spot on refugees in Germany: recognition-now.de

Enjoy watching!

I'm looking forward to your reports on micro-projects!



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Who are you? Esther, Mechthild and Tal eager to disseminate

Dear all, we have started to organize our project... Mechthild and Esther in Germany and our cooperating partner Miss Tal Mizrahi in Israel...

Title: Who are you?

Target group:16-20 children at age 10-12 from all groups of society

Topic/method/aims: Children meet other children and learn about who they are and what they are interested in (identity). Therefore these children bring personal objects which they connect with themselves: e. g. a song, a book, a photograph (of their family), a ballet or breakdance move. This personal object will be transformed into an artwork, e. g. a theatre play, a story or a piece of art. The aim is to show an alternative way of defining identity: not only through nationality or social status. Furthermore the project is meant to increase sensitivity for diversity and break down stereotype barriers through mutual action.


We are curious to hear about your projects!

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