When: 6th to 12th May 2011

Where: Berlin (Germany), Wrocław & Krzyżowa (Poland)

Who: politically and socially active people at the age between 19 and 29 from Poland, Germany, Israel and Turkey

25 young active people from Poland, Germany, Israel and Turkey at the age of 19 - 29 met from 6th to 12th May 2011 in Germany and Poland in order to discuss and reflect upon the meaning of migration for the life of their countries, communities and themselves. As a result they worked out micro-projects stimulating sensitivity to migration issues and positive understanding of diversity on the local level and become disseminators. The micro-projects will be implemented by the seminar participants in June 2011. Project participants report on the concept, planning, implementation and results of the micro-projects in the blog on the project website:

Action 1: Transnational seminar  
in Berlin (DE), Wrocław & Krzyżowa (PL), 6th-12th May  2011
During the seminar participants get theoretical input on migration, diversity and identity, they participate in activities stimulating reflection on peaceful co-existence in the diverse societies as well as develop their own micro-projects in an open-space session.

Action 2: Micro-projects in Berlin, Wrocław, Rishon Le Zion, Eskişehir
Participants implement projects developed during the seminar. By implementation they are supported by the project team.

Action  3: Virtual transnational exchange via project blog